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14/09/2013 / Julie

The Mudi

The Poodle, the mix, and the Mudi.

Leo of Kenzo the Hovawart started a series of informational blogpost about the breed for new or possible Hovawart owners. This has inspired me.

I have three dogs at this point. One is a mix. Which breed is poking through at every moment, and at most, I can never be sure of, plus I’m not completely sure what breeds she’s composed of. There isn’t much point in writing posts about her breeds. Then there’s the old man, a Standard Poodle now 14 years old. The Standard Poodle isn’t a rare breed any way you try to turn it. Everyone knows the breed, and has an opinion about it. Usually they believe it’s a breed for posh and fancy people, but the Poodle is for everyone. They need their exercise, and will adjust to almost any level of activity. Complete inactivity they’re not good with, though. They are amazing working dogs, and keep healthy long. Romeo has become frailer this last year, but just last year, at 13, he followed on an 8 hour walk. Poodles need grooming and walks. Give them that and they’re happy dogs.

“Ready to be educated?”

Then there’s the third one, Bajnok. Bajnok is a Mudi. The Mudi is a Hungarian working dog traced back to the 1500’s. It is often mistaken for the Pumi and the Puli in name, but in looks they’re quite different. In looks it’s often mistaken for many breeds, even though it doesn’t look like them. The reason for this is its rarity. There are only about 13-14 Mudis in Norway. The biggest Mudi countries in the world are Hungary and Finland, and even in these countries the average person doesn’t know the Mudi. There is a breed that pretty much looks exactly like the Mudi, except for a few details. It is a few centimetres taller, it doesn’t have the ear fringes, and it only comes in black. The breed is the Croatian Sheepdog. This breed is even more uncommon than the Mudi, and I have personally only seen one in real life. It was like seeing a slightly large Mudi.

During these blogposts I will be showing you all the sides of the Mudi. The family dog, the sentry, hunter, and not to forget the herder and working dog. The Mudi is not an easy dog, and there have been plenty of people thinking they’re getting a Border Collie light, that’ve gotten a nasty surprise. I will be as honest as possible, and show you all the wonderful sides of this magnificent breed. To start off you can read Bajnok’s birthday blog.

“Go read other stuff for a while. I’m working.”

Edit @ 14.Sept, 16:37: Added the photos and gone through my grammar.

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  1. kenzohwk / Sep 14 2013 11:17

    Very interesting to hear about the Mudi breed and Bajnok “roots”. Looking forward to your series!

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