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27/03/2013 / Julie

Bajnok’s seven!

On March 28th Bajnok will be/is/became 7 years old. For all the love I carry for Romeo and Derria, they mean the world to me, there’s no doubt about that, and if anyone tried to take them away from they’d have a fight on their hands, but no one means as much to me as Bajnok does.

When I first met Bajnok he

Bajnok when I chose him (biting his breeder’s finger)

was 17 days old. I had no idea who was going to become Bajnok at this point. They were tiny, it was Easter, and there was a lot of snow outside. I got to meet the mum who was lovely, the dad was down in Hungary. The second time we met he was 5-6 weeks, can’t remember exactly, and this time it was to decide which dog was to be mine. I was fifteen years old, and I hadn’t really thought through how to pick out my puppy, believe me, I wanted a dog, and I was going to take care of it. It was my money I was spending on this pup, but how to choose the exact puppy out of a litter of five I hadn’t considered. I was the only one interested in the litter that wanted a male puppy, and since there were five male puppies born in the litter, I had the pick of the litter. The breeder knew the puppies better than I did and had a couple in mind

Tug-of-war! (Bajnok closest to camera)

that she thought would fit me temperament wise, but I could choose. After spending time with them, I said I had thought about the “red” one (they were colour coded by collars). I don’t know what it was, but he had crept his way into my heart during our little visit. The breeder luckily thought he would be a good choice for me.

A friend of mine had come along for the visit, she was also thinking about a dog from the litter. She had been testing them while she was there, and was making up her mind in a much more scientific way than I was. Probably a smarter approach, but I have never regretted it. It would take another few weeks before we could go to pick up Bajnok to bring him home with us.

Falling asleep on my shoulder.

The day we went to pick him up he was 9 1/2 weeks old. It was early/mid June and the weather was nice. It’s a four hour drive to the breeder, and my mum took me there and back in one day. I had brought a crate for him to stay in on the way back. After signing the necessary contracts, getting toys, food and things that the breeder sent along with all of us puppy buyers, we went on our way home. Bajnok slept three quarters of the way home. When he woke we stopped at a gas station to let him and us pee. Mum went to the loo first, as Bajnok had his pee. When mum came back, I went to the loo, and mum held Bajnok. When I came back she told me Bajnok had whined as I left. When we got back in the car he wouldn’t settle in the crate, so I picked him up and he settled, and soon slept, on my shoulder. Never forgotten the feeling in that moment.

The guys getting acquainted. Been with us about 12 hrs maybe.

Since then he has been with me through thick and thin. He has always been there for me, always knows when I’m down and in need of support. He is a high energy dog, but if I’m sick he can get on with 10 minutes a day. I got Bajnok to mainly do agility, but also to try out as many other dog sports as possible. Bajnok is an amazing working dog. You ask it, he’ll do it. The only thing he hasn’t been too comfortable with was putting things in his mouth, but everything can’t be easy. We worked our way through agility, obedience, tracking of various kinds, trick training, and whatever else I could think of.

Bajnok came to me, it would turn out, at a

How we got through the “nothing in my mouth” thing. Play!

very hard time in my life. The fall of 2006 I got diagnosed with epilepsy, and to follow was a time were I was testing out meds and spending and awful amount of time on the couch because of it. Bajnok got me off it every day. He was the reason I didn’t go away into a big pot of self pity at that point. I had to get out every day and to agility twice a week. And if anyone had my back, it was Bajnok. So for the rest of his life, I will have his back. Bajnok is an amazing guy. For some people, in some situations, he may not show it, but if he lets you in, you will meet a guy with an extraordinary personality. He is spectacular and fantastic.

That year at Evenstad was a nice year, but in some respects it has done more harm than good. The only dogs we met up there were a pack of sled dogs, and they were a bit too much for Bajnok. I’ve seen his reactivity increase since then, and it is most likely because it was a year of bad dog experiences. There were good ones as well, but the good has to outweigh the bad, and it didn’t that year.

Bajnok is a noisy little bastard. He communicates vocally all his emotions, sometimes to excess. He is

Bajnok and Tøffa

beautiful and adorable, he knows exactly what button to push, and sometimes he pushes too far. He trusts me like he trusts no one else, I can do anything to him. He might protest loudly, that’s just who he is, but he will let me do it. He has taught an enormous amout, shown me how to do more than I’d ever imagine. He has been my support through the last 7 years, and he means more to me than anyone or anything in the world.

He is actually turning 7 today. 7! He’s an adult on the verge of middle aged. I’m counting on him surviving until I can handle life without him, which means many more years.

Happy birthday m’darling! And happy birthday to the band of brothers Mikke, Carter & Yari. Always thinking of Karine these days too.

Some videos:


Aaand some tracking

Having fun! (original soundtrack: Ray Charles – Twist It (Shake a Tail Feather)

Now for pictures.


Bajnok and Clara, my niese, he’s amazing with her.

Pulling himself up by the claws

Bajnok and Esotico

Herding dogs of two different kinds playing.

Happy birthday boy! More long walks to come!

Greying, annoying, adorable, personality incarnate, fantastic little boy!


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  1. Jen / Mar 29 2013 03:30

    Happy birthday, Bajnok! And many more!

    I loved reading the story of his homecoming, and what’s come after. He does seem like such a fabulous dog.

    • Julie / Apr 2 2013 10:16

      Thank you:) He really is a fab dog, and such a big dog in many ways, but literal.

  2. Inga / Apr 7 2013 23:17

    It is just like yesterday you came and picked up Bajnok. I am very happy for you, that you love him so much,and I am getting quite emotional reading your blogg:) You are the best for Bajnok 🙂

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