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05/08/2013 / Julie

A want to blog?

I haven’t found the want this late spring and summer. I’ve thought a lot about this blog, but haven’t found the motivation to blog instead of doing something else, and therefore the blog has been silent since early May. To get going again I thought I’d give you some of my favourite photos, that I’ve taken, from this no-blog period. Hope you enjoy some of it. I’ll try to comment on at least some of it, if it needs it.

I came over this bumblebee when we were on a walk on May 5th. It was a long cold this year, and it was struggling, crawling by. I lied down, and I got some close-ups of it, before I walked away and let nature take its course. They are beautiful.

Those wings are incredible engineering.

And now a little series of pictures that I love. They’re not good photos, or have a great motive, but they tell a little story. A story of when the stupid owner threw the toy way too far, and the little workaholic/excitable Mudi (Bajnok) surprised the owner and went to get the toy anyway. Even though he did not know where it was, or had watched as it had been thrown. But he was told to swim and go get it, so he did. Boy, I love that dog! The pictures are from the water we swim and have fun in by our cabin, south in Norway.

It’s 18 meters (apprx 59 ft) across from where we were

Have to find a way out of the water now. Very steep under water there.

And he’s out. Now the toy.

Using his nose to figure out where it is….

And bush dive


“Lookie what I found!”

Here comes His Awesomeness. Was pretty impressed at this point.

“I’ll take it off your hands. Just come here”

He’s back! Wet and awesome!

I know this is child’s play for a hunting retriever or spaniel, but understand that this is the first time ever that he has done this with water. We have played plenty search games, and trained tracking, and we have had fun in water, but never thought he’d do this without prompting. Fun!!

This is Mjøsa. From somewhere close to Espa. It’s taken from the car as we’re driving.

Then from the end of June I was house/pet sitting for 2 weeks. Little Ari-Ferrari joined our little crew. He was 11-12 weeks old while I watched him. The owners live on the other side of the city, and it gave me a rare view of my hometown and county.

Love this of little Ari. It shows off his stride. He’s a Lagotto Romagnolo.

This. This is just sacrilege.

I’ve been to our cabin twice this year. Once in May, once in July. We had visitors in July. Including a little puppy called Bauntus. We had some lovely days. Dad kept calling it “Retro-summer.” Don’t know if it’ll catch on. We had to go for early walks because of the heat. Came back at noon one day, and it was getting too hot to walk.

Bauntus! 10 wks. Look at those big ass paws.

He’s a Curly Coated Retriever. And about the easiest puppy I have ever encountered.

Nearly completely still sea.


Imagine gull cries, your dog/s running around you, no people anywhere nearby. Your dog/s are sniffing, running, playing, checking in. You are watching them unfold and enjoing themselves. They may chase the occasional squirrel or gull, or jump in the safe ponds, or clefts that cut through your path, to cool off. All you have to do is make sure they get don’t get too far ahead, and go the right path to your destination.

I’ll leave you with that. Because that’s my peace of mind. See ya!


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  1. Andrea / Aug 10 2013 14:08

    Så mange fine bilder! Hvor er mudien din fra? Tenker å få meg en selv om en stund, og er på leting etter oppdrettere:)

    • Julie / Aug 10 2013 14:16

      Tusen takk😊 Han er fra Sigerdriva i Skien. Hadde vært veldig moro med flere mudier i Norge. Ta kontakt med meg eller Inga. Vi kan svare på mange spørsmål.

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