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09/03/2014 / Julie

2013 in iPhone pictures – part 1

I got this idea to show my year in iPhone pictures when I was tidying my pictures on the computer. The iPhone gives a different perspective than the camera, and I thought it’d be interesting. I got my iPhone in late February, so strictly speaking it isn’t all of 2013.

25.Feb.: There was ice on Mjøsa last winter. Used it lots. I know it’s sunset, but it’s probably like 5 o’clock.

I used to have a couch in my room. It evolved into a dog couch eventually, but it started as extra seating. After long walks, or when we had lots of visitors, the dogs would retire to their sanctuary – my room and the couch.

27.Feb.: Tired twosome.

I am an Apple person, as in the company and products. I’ve grown up with Macintosh computers can’t for the life of understand why people would have Windows. They suck! They’re slow, they’re not user friendly, they wear out in a year, why would you have windows? So when I have to work on them, I’m not a happy camper.

1.Mar.: Starting work with the windows to clear the things I want.

1.Mar.: Finishing up. Glad I never have to own one again.

Romeo is groomed about every third-fourth week, and during winter we let his hair grow. In February/March he usually has a lot of hair. Grooming him takes forever, seriously it can take 5 hours with the bathing, drying, brushing, hair cutting, etc. But he’s a good and patient boy, though.

1.Mar.: Halfway through his haircut

4.Mar.: After the groom. Fit old man, nearly 14 years old.

My fish got a new aquarium Christmas of 2012, and so I needed new fish, bring on the Rummy-nose tetra! I might increase the school size eventually.

6.Mar.: Got five new rummy-nose tetra.

8.Mar.: Bajnok in his favourite spot, watching our street.

There were a couple of early mornings for us in March which meant being able to walk at sunrise.

13.Mar.: My town waking up.

13.Mar.: Sun coming up behind the hill.

Bajnok is a weird dog. He’s got such an expressive face, and a vocabulary that could challenge a toddler.

13.Mar.: “What are you doin’ in there?”

And as spring started to arrive in March, we went for more walks and found places to smell. Well, the dogs anyway.

14.Mar.: Must be interesting that spot.

This year we’ve barely had winter, but last year winter stuck around for a long while. Just how I like it. After the first bout of spring, as Norwegian weather is and always will be Norwegian weather, we had a new bout of winter. Spring came very gradually, as winter wanted to stick around.

15.Mar.: Winter returns!

Came over this creation, hit me right in the funny bone.

15.Mar.: “Cape Horn”

Usually Bajnok starts moving about, whining and pestering me if I just put on a sweater, so when the troublesome dousesome reacted by lying down and staring at me after I’d put on their joring harnesses, I was a little flabbergasted. They came along and had fun, but that was a weird experience.

19.Mar.: “Walk? Now? You’re joking..”

For the entirety of Easter I was home alone with the dogs. Which meant some redecorating, like moving the big dog bed in front of the TV.


26.Mar.: It started to melt again, and a pool formed in out street.

It was a very nice Easter break with hiking, skiing on Mjøsa, relaxing, cooking, etc.

11.Apr.: There’s a bird on TV!

My nieces are growing up so fast! They’re now 7 and 2 years old, and we see them every now and then. They’re a joy, brilliant, and great around the dogs. Never too young to learn good manners around dogs.

14.Apr.: Marie, at the point of this picture a year and 4 moths. And flashes are a pain.

Spring really arrived in April in 2013. With flowers, water, roads falling apart, floodings, leaves springing. Pretty much spring.

15.Apr.: “Nasty water! Stay still!”

16.Apr.: Romeo’s birthday, and a picture of the coltsfoot.

On the April 27th we went for a 3 hour hike somewhere I’d never been before. We were higher up than where we live, so there was still quite a lot of snow and mud about. The dogs took full advantage of this. I had planned to walk further, but the hike wasn’t as long as I thought, but it was a very nice hike, none the less.

27.Apr.: We started at a ski club. Luckily not so much snow that people were still skiing.

27.Apr.: Bajnok took an icecold bath.

27.Apr.: Beautiful day, beautiful Norway!

27.Apr.:”Mmmm.. Stick!”

27.Apr.: My home! (Sigh of content)

27.Apr.: Waiting for our driver.

As time goes by, Romeo gets dirty and long haired. It’s the ordeal of a poodle owner.

4.May: Wet and miserable.

4.May: After!

My uncle is Romeo’s best cuddle buddy. Whenever he comes around Romeo basically just flops on the floor, and my uncle obliges. He always has a hand for him.

4.May: My Uncle and Romeo

5.May: Relaxing in the May sun.

9.May: Look at that! There are beavers!

12.May: “Gimme!”

14.May: Sunset. The sun moves a lot further around the horizon before setting now.

I don’t have a picture fr the 17th, but the 18th we went to out cabin.

18.May: Our little lovely cabin! Best place ever!

18.May: Romeo agrees.

19.May: Everyone enjoys this place.

30.May: Floods. Everywhere.

30.May: Deciding to enjoy the floods.

30.May: Teamwork! Sort of…

I’ll leave it at that for now. We’ll start at June next time and see how far we get. Now it is bed time for me.

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