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17/03/2013 / Julie

Touch your dog, be aware!

I took Romeo to the vet a couple of days ago, because of a

“A lump? Pfft.”

lump on his testicle, his right testicle to exact. It caused him pain when I touched it, but he let me touch and examine, because he was used to it. Now Romeo is soon to be 14 years old, in less than a month, so I assumed it was a tumour and he would have to be neutered. I went by the vet’s office the next day, Tuesday, to ask what they thought, and they agreed. I brought him by on Wednesday, and by then the lump was nearly gone. I could still feel things weren’t as normal back there. The chord and tubes were a little thicker than usual, and I could see it in his face that it was still a little painful, but it was a lot better.

I touch my dogs all over all the time, I know their aches and pains, where there have been some, where there easily may show up some. I know that Bajnok’s current joring harness isn’t as good as his previuos joring harness (that Derria chewed up) because of the way his back muscles feel after a work out, and I know when to end a walk and turn home because Derria changed her movement pattern. I know Romeo has two tiny, harmless lumps just beneath his skin. One just behind his front right leg, and one on the right side of his chest. I can find them both in a jiffy, if someone wants to have a look. I know they’re harmless, but I’m keeping an eye none the less.

I love this bit. You know.. The walk bit..

I know the shape of both of my boys’ testicles, because I know I should keep an eye on them just in case, which proved to be good idea with Romeo the other day. I know every inch of my dogs’ bodies because it is my job as their provider to care for them as best I can.

When your dog gets sick it is much easier to spot if you know what’s normal, and you can be a better judge of what exactly is wrong with your dog if you know what they normally feel like. It’ll make it easier for your vet. Touch your dog, feel your dog, the entire dog, not just on the surface. I’ll admit I’ve been lzy when it comes to warming up Derria and Bajnok before joring, and I’ve paid the prize, or rather they’ve paid the prize. With muscle aches and similar. But I’ve learned after watching Derria not lasting 100 meters before changing movement pattern, I’ve gotten better. I’ve always been good when it comes to agility, just a bit lazy with the joring.

It’s also good that your dog is used to being touched everywhere when going to the vet. The vet should be thorough, and if your dog stands still while having a prostate exam, you know you’ve done something right. Pay attention to your dog’s movement, be aware of their body and language. Teach yourself how your dog shows pain and discomfort. It is extremely individual, and sometimes it depends on what kind of pain. But grumpyness is usually a good sign of discomfort.

Keep your dog at a healthy weight, pay attention to their bodies, and you will most definitely keep your dog longer. It’s better that your dog is a little too light than a little too fat, especially if it’s a working dog or jost an active dog. I’ve seen plenty of agility dogs that you wouldn’t consider fat, but were slow around the course, and then they lost maybe 500 grams to a kilo (1-2 lbs), and were zooming around the course. It weighs them down more than you would think.

Be aware, take care, and touch your dog all over.

“It’s up to you to keep us healthy. We appreciate a good, deep tissue cuddle!”

Edit @ Sun. 14:23: Romeo didn’t need surgery. Since the swelling had gone down we were told to leave it and see if it would come back.


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  1. Bren / Mar 17 2013 14:12

    Awww I hope the surgery goes well. One can never be out of touch with their furbabies! Glad you caught it

    • Julie / Mar 17 2013 14:21

      He didn’t need surgery, not yet anyway. Because the swelling had gone down, the vet asked me to watch and see. Should probably but that in the post:P

      • Bren / Mar 17 2013 14:26

        Oh that’s a good thing then! šŸ™‚

  2. Jen / Mar 18 2013 00:25

    Fabulous post! Very good point, that it’s part of our responsibility to our dogs.

    I also love the group photo at the bottom šŸ˜€

    • Julie / Mar 18 2013 17:35

      Well, thank you! šŸ˜€

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