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28/01/2012 / Julie

Eso update

The long time readers of this blog may remember a

Beautiful boy

certain young boy named Eso. He lived with me for two weeks last July. If you don’t know Eso’s story you should read the posts “Eso day 7 – Half way point“, “Eso the Awesome” and/or “Eso and Ella“. If you would like to know the entire story in chronological order, you can start here and press forward.

Now that you have the back story, I’d like to give you an update on Eso. Stina, the breeder, have given me updates of how things are going. Both by mail ad phone. She told me Eso was doing great. She had been taking him out, letting him meet people and dealing with new situations.

He dried up quicker than you'd have thought.

The latest update I got, Stina was forwarding an e-mail from Eso’s new owner in Denmark. He has lived there for a while now. In the beginning I got reports saying he was charging other dogs on the lead. At least he had done on their very first walk, which was the same night as when he came. In the last mail I was told this had subsided. I’m guessing the lunging was due to the stress of moving house, the fact that he was tired and in new surroundings. The new owner wrote in the recent mail that Eso doesn’t pull on the lead, she can walk him on her little finger, and he’s getting on well with the house’s overlords – the two cats.

He is basically stalking her around the house, so I suppose he’s not completely settled yet, but he has a big backyard and a person that understands what he needs. She is a first time dog owner, but had thought long and hard about it. She had read books and research the subject, and when Stina had talked to her about Eso’s needs and past, she completely understood.

The future is looking bright for the young man.

“I think I’ll enjoy life from now on…”


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  1. serenablog529 / Jan 28 2012 01:32

    He is beautiful!

  2. kenzohw / Jan 28 2012 09:43

    Glad Eso found a committed owner, they are the best even if they are first’s. You got me worried during the post 🙂 Eso is a sensitive boy, and it is a big thing for dogs to change family, but he also seems very flexible to me. Awesome he now can (start) settling down. I hope you continue writing updates about him. De you have contact with the owner yourself? Or does all news go through the breeder? I am guessing she would love to read your Eso series.

    • Julie / Jan 28 2012 16:41

      Everything goes through the breeder, but I’ll tell her to show the new owner my blog. Sh ewould probably like to read about everything.

      We don’t consider it enough how much toll it takes on a dog to change family, but now he can settle in and be happy. I’m hopeful for him:)

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