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09/01/2012 / Julie


Gotten WordPress for Android now. Hopefully this will see me blogging a bit more frequently.

Grandma, Uncle Ole and Marie

On December 14th, little Marie was born. So I’m now a dobble aunt! A few days later I got a call from my mum saying dad had been admitted to the hospital with a blod clot in the eye. He was ok, but had lost sight in the eye and had gotten a driving ban for the next 6 months. This meant that mum would be the only one driving at home, and dad would be reduced before Christmas. I was going home anyway so I decided to go home early.

Derria got spayed on the twentieth, so she was relatively doped out on pain killers for much of Christmas. Me, Bajnok and Derria walked down to the vet the morning of the 20th, and sat down in the waiting area. We were soon shown into one of the rooms. Derria was given a quick once over on the table, before she was put back on the floor. There she was given the shot to make her sleep, and me and Bajnok stayed with her till she slept. I have friends who have lost, and almost lost their dogs just from putting them under anesthesia, so when that chest moved it was a huge relief.

The 12 year old has some fun!

When I came to pick her up she was groggy, but walking. She did well staying still and all afterwards. Got lead walks most days. The wound healed very quickly and nicely, and the stitches were out before New Years. Have noticed a small behaviour change in her since – she is more playful.

Back in nowhere now. I love this place. In the few days I’ve been back we’ve been skiing and running. This place just invites movement. It’s been cold, but extremely varied. It’s varied from -11 to -21 in one day. Today it rose from -14 to -11 while I was out walking the dogs. It’s strange. In previous years the temperature’s been much more stable. It’s snowing alot as well, which makes for wonderful picture oportunities. If only my camera wasn’t so beaten up.

Skijoring is becoming one of greatest pass times, we’re having fun. My life will also be changing quite a bit in the time ahead.

The dogs are wearing Non-Stop Dogwear free motion harnesses and they’re hooked up to me with a three meter strong leash each from the same producer. Absolutely loving the harness and lead. Bajnok’s never had a harness that fit so well. It’s brilliant!

(and yes, I am taking pictures whilst beeing pulled)

Home's right around the corner

Full speed a head!

King Winter.

Derria in her Non Stop Free Motion harness. At home.


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  1. kenzohw / Jan 9 2012 21:54

    Glad to hear spaying turned out alright for Derria and that she recovered so fast. I am not noticing any change in Kenzo’s behavior after he was neutered (around the same time like Derria). Wonder if you notice, or maybe will in the future, a difference in Banjok’s behavior as well. Maybe he can relax more with Derria spayed and doesn’t have to worry about the competition.

    I am going to have a look at those harnesses, thanks for the link. And as always the pictures are fabulous, you guys are so lucky to life in such a beautiful place.

    • Julie / Jan 9 2012 22:03

      Perhaps I will notice something with Bajnok. I know I don’t have to go through any seasons again (though my sceptic nature has me concerned that the vet just opened her up and closed her again. I need a year without anything happening before I’m completely sure. Lol.).

      It’s great that you’re not noticing any changes with Kenzo. Some dogs get scared after they’ve been neutered because they’ve lost their testosterone (simplification). A good, sturdy dog shouldn’t really change the much, apart from a lower sexual drive.

  2. Jen / Jan 10 2012 04:48

    How fun! I’ve heard that skijoring is a blast.

    Good to see you posting again!

    • Julie / Jan 10 2012 12:32

      Yeah, it’s a blast!

      • Jen / Jan 10 2012 16:59

        As I didn’t particularly enjoy downhill skiing, I’ll probably never try it. But I have considered going to an empty parking lot and strapping on Rollerblades, with what I’m sure would be a similar result!

        • Julie / Jan 10 2012 19:11

          Done that as well. It was fun, but I think skiing’s more fun. Got more control, belive it or not.

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