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01/12/2011 / Julie

Musings of late..

I have a few things I’d like to get off my chest today. There is no need to worry, I don’t think there is any rants directed at specific people, training methods or any such things in this blogpost. Though, don’t hold me to that, this post is coming to life as I write.

I have now had about, ooh, 5-6 weeks with Derria. She has settled in well, but for the past 3 weeks she has been in heat. She is coming to the end now, and has been offering herself to Bajnok for the past two or three days. Up until this, or life has been rather calmer than I’d expected. Bajnok has been a gentleman – interested, but keeping his distance. I didn’t leave them alone in the house last week, but brought them to school and used the school kennels. The dogs took to it well, they were left in adjoining suites, and especially Bajnok seemed to like the idea.

When I’ve been around them, they’ve been togethere. No restraints, no crates, no nothing. Bajnok has relaxed, Derria has relaxed and everything has been aces. Until Tuesday. That’s when Derria started folding her tail. On Tuesday I could still tell both dogs to go lie down, and they would. Wednesday things started to get a little harder. Derria was very anxious for puppies, and Bajnok was more than willing to oblige. Luckily Bajnok has never had any kind of sex-ed, and all though he knew which end smelled nice, he didn’t know that that was the “right” end. Lets just say that Derria has gotten her neck muscles tested…

I went for a walk with both dogs at night. That was a gigantic mistake. I had put reflectives on the dogs, and I wore a head light, but the dogs disappeared. I kept hearing Bajnok whining throughout the walk. I had left the leads at home, thinking the dogs would stay within sight, but they didn’t. I kept calling for them, and they kept doubling every time I called. My nerves really couldn’t handle it, and I eventually called Bajnok and had him walk next to me for a quarter of the walk. Today we walked while it was still light outside and I brought leads. Derria is nearing the end now, she has started to reject Bajnok again. Luckily.

On another note, it is my one year twitter anniversary today! Yey! I am so glad I left facebook and discovered Twitter. Facebook felt like an obligation. Always getting “friend” requests, always something happening, something/somebody nagging. Always someone wanting you to support their cause. There is always somebody wanting to support their cause on Twitter as well, but they are nowhere near as intrusive. It’s just a tweet, and then it goes away. Another thing I really like about Twitter over Facebook is that if you want to, you can be pretty anonymous. Twitter asks for your mail, a nick name and something to put in your name field. It doesn’t have to be your real name at all, it doesn’t even have to be your name. Your bank account is about the only thing you don’t give up on Facebook. Facebook knows your name, sex, age, relatives, where you’ve gone to school, where you live, marital status, interests. Basically everything. Appareantly it also retains after you’ve deleted your account, which was supposed to be the reason for the “Anonymous” group’s attack on Facebook, which I haven’t heard anything more about. I live pretty cut off, did it happen?

Christmas is coming. I am not excited about Christmas. To me it feels like an obligation. Last year I said to my family that I would much rather be outside skiing and camping with my dogs. I’ll leave the presents at home. I stand by that. I would like to take my dogs, some Chrstmas food and my skis and head up. I would like to find a hut where I can spend the night from the 24th until the 25th (we celebrate the 24th), fire it up with wood. Stay up with a friend and watch the moon, the stars and the Norwegian winter (which knows no precedence). Watch the complete and utter silence of nature, no stress of family, no pressure of opening gifts, no finding out how little your family actually knows you, just complete and utter silence, peace and tranquility. Last year was a pretty decent looking Christmas, looking outside now I doubt we’ll have the same. But you never know. Hopefully it will be a white christmas.

On the plus side, it is now O.K. for Norwegians like me – the ones that up make strange Christmasy rules in hopes of recapturing some of the lost magic -to drink Julebrus! (Christmas soda). It only comes out around Christmas, which started at the end of September for the brewery this year. For the people like me it is only right to drink it for a month, sufficient to say we drink a lot in December.

Everytime it snows up here we loose power. It could be for a minute or it could last an hour. I think it has to do with the wire that connects to the house. It is old and worn. As soon as the weather calms down, it usually comes back on. So far we haven’t had any freezer emergencies.

So to something I find strange, fun and good, I suppose. I am a big girl. If you have an image of me in your head as a slim and athletic person, get rid of it now. Check out some youtube videos of me and Bajnok traning agility (or other stuff) if you think this is me being overly anxious with the way I look. I weighed 110 kilos last year, and about 105-106 when I moved here. (I think 1 lb = ca 450 grams = 0,45 kg, but don’t hold me to that). I have since I moved here, my little tranquille paradise, lost 15 kg. That’s 15 kilos in 3,5 months. How? I haven’t done anything in particular, but I suppose it is down to the fact that I now walk everywhere I go. I walk the dogs 2-3 hours a day, I walk to school and I walk to the store. I eat exactly what I want. I am not on a low fat diet. I need the fat and I need the chalories.. There was one week where I barely had food in the house because I didn’t make to the store. I ate what I hade, which meant a rather low chal/fat diet. Didn’t exactly get me ready for a full day in the woods, so I bought food at school, and things picked up. I try to eat relatively healthy, but the selection isn’t exactly top shelf. It has been fun, though, watching clothes getting looser and walks walked faster.

I didn’t make to the biggest dog event of the year last week-end. I had planned quite the shopping spree. A huge bummer, but it was good to relax at home. And I’m running out of food for both the dogs and myself. Going home this week-end, hopefully someone can drive me home with the food. I need to do laundry to. I don’t actually remember the last time I was home now. It has been a few weeks. It has been quite regularly every other week-end since I moved. Don’t ask me why, it has just been easy to do my shopping and laundry at home, even though it is an hour and half, plus a walk.

I’m planning on castrating Derria. The previous owners has not sent me har vaccination papers yet, which was part of why we didn’t go to the dog show. I have no idea when Derria was last vaccinated, and taking a dog that hasn’t been vaccinated to a dog show where there are several thousand dogs is to be begging for kennel cough. I don’t know if she should be vaccinated again now. I don’t know if she’s ever been vaccinated, I assume she has. If I knew her birthday I could make an estimate. She is supposed to be two years old, so assuming she had all her puppy vaccines, the last one at 12 weeks, I could have figured out when she should have her next one. Assuming she has been vaccinated annualy. Though, this I don’t know. Which is the problem.

I also think I should start the rabies vaccine. If she should ever come abroad with me and Bajnok, she needs it. But if she will be left at home, then she doesn’t need. Rabies vaccines aren’t a requirement to live in Norway, but they are if you want to get your dog into Norway. I heard from a friend that the rules were changing over new years, and you then only needed one vaccine, instead of two, which is now the norm. If this is right there is still time to think about it.

Now if you have made it to the bottom of this post, I commend you. It was a jumpy post, but I felt I needed to get it of my chest. There might be more Christmas related posts later.


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  1. kenzohw / Dec 1 2011 23:38

    Oh boy, this sounds so much like the circus we went through just last week 😦 Again. Spaying Derria is maybe the only option if you don’t want it to happen again. We tried things like chemical castration with Kenzo, but he still thinks he can (same if we would get him neutered) he will only be shooting blanks. How is Banjo taking it? I worry about Kenzo, he is whining through the night. Heavily panting and exhausted, he almost doesn’t eat the whole week. Unfortunately we cannot spay Viva yet as her liver still is to weak and the anesthesia will be too risky.

    Good luck with it ! And skål to the Julebrus 🙂

    • Julie / Dec 2 2011 10:13

      The thing about chemical castration is that it often doesn’t work the way it was intended. They are medications and all medications have draw backs. None of them work the way neutering a dog would. I spent some time at work for a behaviourist who had studied the effects of castrating dogs and chemical castration. There was a huge difference between the effects of the chemical version and the removing of testies. However for some dogs the behaviour has become learnt, though most calm down after they’ve been castrated.

      As for spaying Viva, there aren’t any vets that use gas instead of needles nearby? I cought on twitter that she has bimonthly sycles? That can’t be fun for anyone, not even her. Gas is much safer than injections when putting a dog under. Just a thought. I know of one clinic nearby that uses it, so I don’t think it is very widely in use. I think it is more expensive.

      Bajnok copes ok. He stresses when there is movement, but he calms down in his crate. He sleeps through the night, he eats, but he does pace and pant. Hopefully it will pass now. And soon Derria will be spayed.

      • kenzohw / Dec 3 2011 00:29

        Good to hear Banjok can cope with it, and thanks for the tip about the gas, I will investigate it.

  2. fossil jewellery / Dec 24 2011 16:03

    Great post, really like your blog, O and have a great Christmas 🙂

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