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21/11/2011 / Julie

Here she is!

Well then, suppose it’s time to put up a blog about Derria. Most of you

She does have just about the saddest eyes in the 'verse.

lot (said lovingly, of course) know where I got the name from. Turns out, though, that the first name of Firefly Serenity’s Shepherd Book is not Derria, according to the fansites (, among others), it is in fact Derrial. And that is why I continue my search for a proper DVD of the whole shebang. I will not be changing her name to Derrial from Derria, though. The reason is that I like Derria. It’s quick, simple and it sounds like “Der ja!” which means “that’s it!”. I love having such a positive sounding name. Now, twitter people, if you ever see me making such factual mistakes of any kind (Derrial-Derria, or any other), feel free to correct me. I like to be right, and I try to be gracious when corrected, if you are.

Now, to the dog. She has now been living here for about three weeks. We first met in Hamar. Hamar is a city with some inhabitants. Whether you think it is big or small really depends on what you are used to, but I suppose, on an international scale, it is rather small. To me it is exactly the right size. Seeing as Oslo is Norway’s biggest city with 550k inhabitants (something like that), and Hamar doesn’t even make the top ten, I suppose it is rather small.

I met Derria, who was then called Petite, and the woman, Kari Mette, who had taken her in for rehoming by the train station. We walked together, me with Bajnok, her with Petite, a little out of downtown and on an errand she had to run. I was then left outside with both dogs and even though Petite had only walked near me for less than 10 minutes, she all ready listened to me. Even though she was worried about where Kari Mette was. She sat there and whined while Kari Mette was inside. We then walked to the pet store because I wanted to but her a harness. As a rule, I don’t walk dogs on collars. One good sprint after a cat with you holding the lead firmly, and whiplash. And the fact that this girl was apparently rehomed because she pulls.

Inside the pet store something change. She did not like that place. But we took our time moving away from the door. We explored at her pace, and after a while she was inside and calming down. But then we started to try on harnesses. The pet shop clerks really impressed with their lack of language skills. Petite was backing off, clearly not comfortable. But the clerk moved in closer trying to get the harness over her head. Petite did everything she could to get away, and she is quite an extrordinary dog. She wouldn’t bite if you beat her. Don’t worry, I didn’t let them keep pushing her. I was standing back keeping my distance and making sure Bajnok was staying in one spot, I asked if maybe Kari Mette should do this. And that’s where it ended up. Kari Mette tried on the harnesses, while we found some that might. She’s a tough dog to fit, and I have my requirements. In the end we found one, and I found some dried chicken that I bought to win her over with.

Outside again we went to the other side of town where we just sat down and relaxed. Met some more people, listened to the city. We made quite the connection straight away. She loved my chicken treats.

She is an easy dog to live with, even though she require more exercise than an average dog, but that’s not a problem up her. She has quite a solid recall, with anyone. Whilst Bajnok is a one person dog tied extremely to me, Derria is an every person dog. She can fit with anyone that treats her well, but I have seen early signs of separation anxiety in her nd I don’t think changing homes again would do her any good. Even though her second home was only a “pit stop” of sorts, to her it was a home. She doesn’t know the difference.

The first few mornings were hard. She paced, whined and were up at six. I don’t get up at six when I’m off school. I ignored her, reward her for lying down and told her to go back to bed. She eventually got the point, and is now happy to snooze  with the rest of us.

Off lead she is a joy, on lead she no longer pulls. She has now gone into heat, and for now the stress is minimal. Bajnok is being a very good boy. He is more interested in his behind than he has been, but he is for now keeping his distance. Derria is, however, coming with me to school in the next week. I don’t want no puppies (or have to go to the vet for the morning after shot). I could’ve taken Bajnok, but I know Derria has stood in kennels before, and I know she won’t lunge at anyone trying to enter the kennels. Bajnok might if I’m not around.

Apart from this are the dogs getting on famously. They play together rather often. If they get bored, they might even make up games. Today it started with Bajnok picking up a squeeky ball. Derria came over and took it from him, went back to her mat and started chewing. She dropped and dropped her head next to it, Bajnok then came over and took it back, and did the same thing Derria had done. Then Derria came back over to Bajnok, picked up the ball and started to push him with his paw. And they were off for a proper playtime. I couldn’t help but laugh, watching them. They are incredible!

Bajnok really is enjoying having her around.

They are an excellent mix, these two. The just fit together. And for now, I don’t see Derria going anywhere, but if she’s staying, she’s going to get spayed. And we have some work to do with nail clipping. And I need her vaccination papers. Oh, and she needs a micro chip and get registered in the NOX register (a register that the Norwegian Kennel Club put up for mixed breed dogs).

PS: For those who care, Bajnok is actually faster than her. Even though there is definantly Border Collie and some form of hunting dog in her. She is taller and longer than Bajnok, but he puts in his last gear, and catches up in no time.

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