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20/10/2011 / Julie

Winter’s approaching

This morning my bike was so frosted over, I decided to leave it at home.

Walking the dog before sun rise, in the cold, the moon still hanging high on the sky, stars sparkling clearly. The only sound around was the stream. The dog trotting happily in front of me. It makes you want to keep walking untill you reach the top, then stop and watch the world wake up. Sit there while the sun heats you up, and then walk back down. Then life can begin.

Unfortunantly that’s not how it works. Life usually starts long before you have time to heat up, or even get to the top, but half an hour in silence and tranquility with the dog, before the world catches up with us. Well, it is a delightful way to start the day.

I’ve been biking with Bajnok lately. Used to think of it as a chore, now I love it. I let him off lead, and he just does his own thing. One way I struggle up hill, and Bajnok trots alongside. Stops and sniffs things, and sometimes speeds after me. The other way it is all down hill, and I speed up. Bajnok runs alongside or in front. If I want him to move to the side, I tell him “watch out”, and he will look behind and weave to the left or right. Then he’ll run next to me. And he’ll keep up. If I want him to slow down, and still keep next to me, I tell him “caaaalm”, and he will slow down, and keep to the pace of the bike.

We have had snow up here, it disappeared when we had a couple of days of plus degrees, but the frost is staying heavy. Soon it may be time to put the bike entirely away. I feel a slight cold coming on, but nothing huge. Keep my feet dry, and body hot, I’ll be all right. My winter shoes need updating. The ones I have, are exhausted. I expect proper snow within a month.

Bajnok has been entered in a dog show. Norway’s biggest, the Norwegian Winner show. It’s in the end of November in Lillestrøm. A city the has become internationally known after the Clooney advert. By then I’m almost demanding snow (always has been either snow our really horrid rain and wind at that show. I prefer snow). I’ve been at that show for the last 13-14 years, I think. Since I was 6 or 7. Since the beginning in Hamar. It was moved to Lillestrøm, only a few years ago.

Well, as life moves on up here, I am still getting used to school up here. I am getting used to life without internet at home. It is a weird thing to get used to. And without saying too much, I might have found a dog to come join me and Bajnok up here.

My little helper


Lovely boy


Most gorgeous eyes


He just fits in

The Forest

More pictures in the forest album.


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  1. Teri / Oct 21 2011 11:15

    Your dog is just beautiful

    • Julie / Oct 21 2011 22:38

      Thank you. His looks does charm him into many hearts.

  2. Tonje / Nov 20 2011 19:47

    Er det en mudi?

  3. Tonje / Nov 21 2011 08:35

    Kult:) Ikke så ofte man ser sånne:)

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