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28/08/2011 / Julie

My new neighbour

Just a picture blog today, but here’s my new neighbour.

Heading up

What's that?

He is turning in to quite the bird dog. Or is it squirrels?

On his way.

You called?

There's something up there!

Charlotte's web?

"There's always something..."



The way home

Norway's longest river at the bottom.



To the mountains

There are more pictures in my picasa album. I’m absolutely falling in love with this place. The colours, the sounds, the smells, the people. You could walk for hours on that same path and never meet another soul, just listen to the sound of the forest. You can hear the traffic from the main road nearby, but I’ve learned to screen it out. You can follow that dirt road in some of the pictures, or you can jump five meters to your left or right, and be in the middle of the forest. You can just walk. All on your own.

The forest makes me think of trolls. They inspire imagination and fantasy. I’m home at the moment and have decided to bring some of my favourite childrens books to the House, and some old Norwegian folklore with me back to the House. Trolls, luck and fiery monsters, here I come!


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  1. Jen / Aug 28 2011 20:45

    Beautiful pictures! It makes me think of trolls and nymphs and hobbits and things, and the solitude must be lovely!

    I do like the “Bajnok as mighty hunter” pictures too.

    • Julie / Aug 28 2011 22:46

      The solitude is magnificent.

      It’s good you like the pictures. Always very much appreciated!


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