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20/08/2011 / Julie

I have moved, and there’s no internet

Well.. That’s the jist of it. I have moved further northeast in Norway, and there’s no internet at my house. I’ll fix it, probably, but I don’t know when that’ll be, or even if it is possible. There’s internet at my school, but there are other things to do at school. Twitter, mail, talking..

I am taking a year in bioenergy at Evenstad University College. The school is very small, about 200 students, but there are students from all over the world and from all over Norway, studying all kinds of natural things. You can bring your dog or horse to this school, they have about 20 kennels for the dogs and they have some stable room. The kennels are quite small, but they are a great place to put your dog in case of long days. You can bring your dog anywhere on campus, except in the cafeteria and a building called the barn. The dogs live with the students in their rooms, usually.

I do not live on campus, however. I live a little under a mile down the road. My next door neighbours are the mountains and the forest. I have, for the firste time in my life, a proper backyard. The house owner said, that if I wanted to, I could put uo a kennel there. I’ve been thinking about it, and a big, proper kennel, does sound like a good idea. The days we spend at the school won’t be a problem, it’s the days we spend out in the field that will probably take a while. For Bajnok to stay in an isolated, warm room, and have the opportunity to go outside, will make a lot of difference for my conscience and probably attendence. I need somebody’s help to build it, though. There are some houses that aren’t being used, on the property. Been thinking if I cold convert one of those.

For now I am really enjoying my new living arrangements. Do not expect regular updates, but I’ll try. Bajnok is enjoying the forest, by the way. There are new smells and rodents to chase every day. He’s loving it!


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  1. Jen / Aug 21 2011 03:46

    That sounds like such a lovely place to go to school! (and like a very accommodating landlord.)

    I’ll miss your blog updates, but I’ve got you on Twitter, anyway. And really, in a place like that one sounds to be, there are things other than Internet to be done!

    • Julie / Aug 21 2011 19:03

      I’ll do my best to update my blog, but I think I’ll be spending quite a lot of time in the forest and in the books (maybe even both at the same time). Maybe my next few blogs will be picture blogs.

      • Jen / Aug 21 2011 19:27

        I don’t think I’d mind picture blogs, given how beautiful the area you’re in seems to be!

        (Of course, plenty of Bajnok pictures would be cool too 😉 )

  2. Kenzo the Hovawart / Aug 21 2011 10:34

    It sounds like a very inspiring place to study. And it is amazing the university has those pet friendly arrangements, I never heard about that before, they must be one of the first. At leat in the Nordic countries.

    Good luck with hour studies and see you on Twitter 🙂

    • Julie / Aug 21 2011 19:09

      It is quite extraordinary. There are plenty of universitys where you can bring your dog in Norway, but no one else has built kennels for them.

      I will put my nose to the books, and will be tweeting all the way. Must try to keep the phone bill down…

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