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03/08/2011 / Julie

Eso and Ella

Today it was time to meet Eso again. I had made commitment to his owner that we were to meet at today’s training. So at six, I was there, and soon she was as well. With both Eso and Ella. Bajnok seemed to recognize Eso straight away, and was actually excited to see him. Eso on the other hand was feeling pretty low, due to the car trip to get there. His body language was very low, and I was worried he had fallen back into his old ways. It took him a little while, but I think he just needed to shake off the sick feeling. He was soon himself again. His tail came up, his head came up, and he was happy to see me and Bajnok.

I took Eso’s leash while Stina took out Ella. She was so much smaller than Eso, but is apperantly quite the self confident madam at home. She will take food from whom ever she wish. However, here where there were other dogs and people, she was not comfortable. Her movement was quick, her head was low, but high (if you’ve seen this type of head movement, you know what I mean) and her tail hang straight down. Everything was rapid. Eso really wanted to get over to her. She did not want to sniff me. I ignored her, and my presence wasn’t terrifying.

As the training started, I put Bajnok in Stina’s car and worked with Eso, whilst Stina worked with Ella. Eso did great. He was confident and seemed like any other dog, but he really wanted to be with Ella.

I had lent Stina Bajnok’s 3 meter leash to use with Ella so she had the freedom to move a little more. Ella is more confident with other dogs than Eso was at that stage, which is good. She will walk up to a dog and sniff it face to face. Very well mannered. She adapts less quickly, though. I think. I don’t know her as well, but from what I could see today, and the fact that Eso improved so fast.

It is the second time I’ve seen Ella in that same setting, and there is some great improvent to spot.

  • Her body positure is higher than it was
  • it is possible for people to approach her – with some time
  • she can take part in the activities that are happening

The first time I met her, she was very low to the ground. She could not be approached by anyone without pulling away, and getting close to the group was very scary.

Eso was throughout this training a very good support for her. He showed her what to do and what was ok, and she followed his lead. That boy has improved tremendously! At the end of the training I was able to hold Ella’s leash, pet her, look at her teeth and generally be kind to her.

The fact that these dogs improve so incredibly quickly I believe is due to several things. First of all a breeder that has bred genetically solid dogs that just need to know that things are going to be all right, and they’ll improve. Secondly, they have never been treated badly. They haven’t gotten the socialization they have needed, but they have never been forced to deal with things they can’t handle or been physically threatened or punished, which really helps. These can be excellent dogs, they just need the time. If it hadn’t been for the coat, Eso would have been my dream dog. Mischievous, energetic, fun, positive, annoying, gorgeous, quick learner. And I’m sure Ella has got it in her too.


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  1. Jen / Aug 3 2011 07:50

    I’m so happy to see an Eso update (and Ella too)! He’s really “grown up”, hasn’t he, showing Ella the ropes like that?

    • Julie / Aug 3 2011 13:37

      He really has. He still has some work to do, but he is doing so well.

  2. kenzohw / Aug 3 2011 08:05

    Wonderful to hear Eso is still doing so well. I was a little worried if he would fall back in his old behavior, but luckily he didn’t and is clearly a much more confident dog! You really turned him around.

    • Julie / Aug 3 2011 13:41

      I was very worried, but the owner is doing a great job now. She is making sure the dogs are together with dogs the enjoy spending time with, and I believe that has made a difference. It really is awesome to have such a success story on my conscience.


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