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18/07/2011 / Julie

Eso the Awesome

It has been a little over week since Eso left, and it is still a little weird not walking with him or having his exuberant personality around the house. But as soon as he left, Romeo came home, so it isn’t all bad.

The fact that Eso made such amazing progress, in such a short time makes me draw the conclusion that he has very good genes, but that he hasn’t had the chance to explore, or has been put down by his siblings and the other dogs he lives with. The first time I met Eso was when I went to help my friend dog sit the house where Eso comes from. It was very clear that Eso was very scared of us. When we were going to take them all for a walk, we had to lure a lead on Eso.

Later we decided to try and spend some alone time with him, to try to get him to warm up to us a little. We put a 10 meter line on him and tied him to the back of a car, then we loaded up with treats and sat down away from him. We spent about 20 minutes throwing treats, and at the end of this, we were able to scratch him a bit. He seemed to be getting tired at this point, so we put him back with the other dogs.

He was at this point eating under a cover because he was scared the other dogs would steal his food. He was however not alone being bullied by the adult male. The other adolescent male also got his share of punishment, but this was not common. There females were about to go into heat, and Lirico did not want to share.

While we were there, Eso was generally scared. Later I met the owner at a training where she had brought Eso and his sister. There were a lot of other dogs there, and it took Eso quite some time on the outside to even begin to lift his tail. This was when I presented my offer of having him and training him for 2 weeks, because my parents were leaving for vacation and I didn’t want to get bored, and I thought Eso could benefit as well.

He came to stay and we had fun almost every day. We did something new, experienced new textures, heights, sounds, other dogs, people and had fun with it. And the amazing progress he made in just 13 days tells me that he was predispositioned to be a well adapted, well behaved, brilliant working dog. He just needed a chance, and perhaps a break from his house mates. He needed to meet the world, explore and not get thrown in at the deep end. It is not normal to make as astonishing progress as he did.

I got an e-mail from the owner the same night she had picked him up. She wrote that Eso was a completely changed dog. He was playing with the other dogs, he was social and more contact seeking with her. He now looked her in the eyes and could cuddle like any dog. She also made sure that he was not outside with all the dogs at once, she was going to keep up the clicker training and the socialisation work. She was going to take him on trips and outings. She also mentioned that he might be getting a home in Denmark soon.

Hopefully Eso is looking at a bright future!


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  1. Jen / Jul 18 2011 21:30

    I’m so happy to read this! Eso deserves a bright future, especially after so hard both of you worked!

    I don’t know your owner friend (is she the breeder too? I made it up in my head that she was, and am now not sure), obviously, but I wonder if she should perhaps take a lesson in this and work more on socialization in the future? It’s a big deal, and Eso is obviously a great dog, even better now after his time with you. Plus, clickers are fun!

    • Julie / Jul 18 2011 22:25

      Yes, she is the breeder as well. Eso is from her fifth litter, and it is the first litter were there’s been any trouble. But, yes, I think Eso might have been unlucky and put in second ranks while he was growing up, as well as needing a little extra.

      I’m hoping to keep contact and hopefully we’ll meet and greet, and stuff:)

  2. Jen / Jul 18 2011 22:36

    Well, if litter #5 is the first “trouble litter”, that’s not so bad! Especially if they seem genetically fine/solid.

    I’m sure with your hand in it, things will be just fine! 😉

  3. Kristine / Jul 19 2011 16:41

    Yay for Eso! He is certainly lucky you happened to be with your friend that day. You clearly have changed his life. That bottom photo of him says it all. He’s a different dog now. Hopefully they keep up with it and he will continue to blossom!

    • Julie / Jul 19 2011 23:45

      Thank you!
      He is a truly wonderful dog, with so much to give. She said she would keep it up, and I think I might push her a bit.

  4. p / Jul 22 2011 06:43

    that is so wonderful! what a huge success!


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