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09/07/2011 / Julie

Eso day 13 – Clicker sessions and housework

I woke up not feeling to well today, so there wouldn’t be much of an outing today. My stomach wasn’t my greatest friend. Instead of a long walk and lots of experiences I brought out the clicker and had a couple of sessions with both boys. Started with Eso. We worked first on sit. He sat, got a click and I threw the treat to start again. After about 3 repetitions I chose a new behaviour. This time it was lie down again. Basically getting him to respond to the cue, and he did. It takes time, but he resonds every time. It can take up to 10 seconds actually, but he always lies down in the end. Eso got quickly tired, so I didn’t push him past some good repetitions.

With Bajnok I started something completely new. I decided I would try to get him to close his mouth on command. This could be good for the show ring and for pictures, and the more tricks a dog learns, the easier it is to teach him another. I think that he might have understood a bit at the end of the first session already, or the air might have gotten cooler. Don’t really know. He was closing his mouth alot at the end. Some more sessions with this will surely do wonders.

Because I wasn’t feeling to well I decided to go inside and read a book. And because Eso has responded when other dogs in the street has barked, I decided to put on some music. Both dogs relaxed for about an hour in this setting, though the first bass line that came up on “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones made Eso a bit jumpy at once. He panted and wandered, but soon lay flat.

After about an hour it was time to do some housework. First thing I brought out was the broom. Eso didn’t really notice it. Then there was the vacuum cleaner. Bajnok does not like the vacuum cleaner, and is not someone for Eso to rely on when meeting it. I did not, however, remove Bajnok from the room. Bajnok pretty soon when into the crate. Eso was curious about the vacuum. He sniffed it, sniffed around it. I even think he bit it once. He never showed any fear towards. He would have freaked out if I had sown it to him the first day. And that he dared walk up to it and sniff even though Bajnok woudn’t go anywhere near it, is pretty neat! I filmed it, and will be mking a film when I feel better.

As my stomach got better and we went for a walk, no long walk, but we went to another forest nearby. I think of it as another forest, technically it’s the same as the one behind us. You can walk there from here without ever leaving the woods. We walked in and I let the run. It is a more open forest than the one behind us, so Bajnok runs mores in it.

So that’s today. Not much has happend, though Eso conquering the vacuum despite Bajnok I feel is quite the accomplishment. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more eventful day.

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  1. kenzohw / Jul 10 2011 07:38

    Hope you feel better tomorrow (today I guess). Desensitizing Eso with the vacuum cleaner maybe uneventful, but so very practical 🙂 And like you said, it also shows Eso’s progress and he would have probably reacted very differently two weeks ago.

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