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09/07/2011 / Julie

Eso day 12 – Play, people and a new leash

Went up to meet the Flat coats again today. Thought it could be good to see how he would deal with them the second time around. I also planned a trip to the store, and decided that Bajnok could help my carry groceries.

I went up to their house, and met Emmy and Blackie outside. They stormed towards us. Bajnok was very happy to see them, Eso was a bit tentative. He backed off because they came storming and barking directly towards him, however his tail was up and wagging. When Emmy and Blackie stopped barking, Eso was more than happy to say hi, and everything got down to play time. Bajnok didn’t give him a second thought this time, Eso was left to his own devices. Bajnok was still there, mind you, so he still has left to deal with things on his own. I walked up to the door and rang the bell, asked if it was OK if we stayed and played. Emmy was going jogging with her mum, but we could stay and play with Blackie. Took all leashes off the boys, and playtime was on. Bajnok didn’t take much part of the play, but he joined in every now and then. For the rest of it, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

More here.

We played for about an hour and a half before the rain came, and I decided that I wanted to go to the store before I got soaked. While we were walking, the rain turned to a light drizzle so we walked all the way down to the town.

We came in at the end here, and I noticed that Eso’s body language was a bit tense. Might’ve been because he couldn’t read Bajnok properly, I really don’t know. The town was completely empty. I thought maybe he would loosen up if just walked around a bit. He didn’n, so we tried jumping a cement block that stood there, and that worked immediately. We walked a little more, before I tied the dogs away from the people and in a place where I felt secure they wouldn’t be bothered by people.

I’ve gotten quite used to having such a long line while walking the dogs, and I quite like it, so I went in to the pet store and bought my new 3 meter Strong Leash from Non Stop Dogwear. I love their products!

Stopped by our usual store on our way home, Bajnok carried 3,3 kg (I checked) all the way home. Which is 1,3 kg more than he has ever carried before. It was only for 15-20 min, so.

On our way home we met a woman in a tight spot. Bajnok was all ready on his way past, but when he had me tightening his leash, giving him a yank when I tripped, he gave off a growl, but still said hi to the woman. Despite this Eso greeted the lady with a wagging tail and went straight for her hands. He let himself be petted, and made no attempts to back off! This was in a dark, tight spot where the woman came downhill towards us. (This requires a smiley!) 😀

We walked on home and the rest of the night have been spent relaxing and giving the dogs dinner. I have also cleaned Eso’s ears. Discovered they were dirty, but no longer.


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  1. kenzohw / Jul 9 2011 08:09

    Eso’s body language is f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c! He has become a completely different dog. Look at him walking, smiling, tail high, and … even making play-bows! The meet with the lady coming out of a dark and tight place is also a wonderful sign. He didn’t think she was scary at all and going for the hands probably means he associates people with treats now. Fabulous!

    • Julie / Jul 9 2011 13:49

      Yes, It is wonderful. I am so amazingly stoked (as they say) for him. It is so much fun! When it comes to people he has this motion were he leans his head to the side and almost thrust it into their lap. It is very weird.

  2. Jen / Jul 9 2011 18:08

    You’ve done such great work! Especially in such a short period of time. Seeing a dog so happy makes me really happy. Also, the pictures you take are fantastic.

    • Julie / Jul 9 2011 18:28

      Thank you! His progress is amazing. I am astounded at him! The photos are edited. Some of them quite a bit:P

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