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08/07/2011 / Julie

Eso day 11 – Wading with the Welsh women

Long time in the planning this day. Well, relatively. Up early, (again, it’s relative, I’m in holiday mode), read a little, packed a bag and made ready the car. Today we were heading to Hamar and the only dog park around to meet some more dogs. Our next door neighbour had agreed to drive us there, so everything was set.

I know Eso has a problem with getting car sick, so I put in a sheet just in case. Spent a little while getting Eso to jump in and out, and staying in the car, just to get him comfortable. It was a hot day so when we were done, I left the car doors open and took the dogs with me behind the house to relax until our chauffeur was ready.It would still take some time, so we went back to the car after about half an hour, and waited there instead so Eso could get calm before we would start driving. When our driver came around he was panting, but lying down.

The drive was stressful for him. He never fully calmed down. He was OK with straights, but on every turn he would change position and walk around. When we arrived at our destionation, he threw up. However, it didn’t take long for him to recover. I had expected him to look very sick, but he was ready to go at once.

I walked over to where I thought the dog park was, and found no one. I let Eso off leash, and let Bajnok on the 5 meter line. Bajnok has in the past chased bikers, it’s a long time ago, but just in case I keep him on a line when there’s even the slightest chance it might happen and especially when Eso’s with him. I don’t want him to pick up any bad habits. We got the opportunity to do lots of work on bikers, joggers and people on walks with heir dogs. I realised that this might not be the dog park, and that I might not know where it was and that there was no other dogs to actually meet.

I sent off a text to a friend of mine that lives not to far away, asking if she’d have time to come by for a walk. She has two Welsh Springer Spaniels, and one visiting at the moment.  She is also the one that tipped me off about the dog park, and she came with all three dogs.

Bajnok all ready knows these dogs, and loves them. These three girls are wonderful. The oldest, Nemi, is stable, calm, fair and what is an actual domainant dog. She never over reacts, can make other dogs stop by looking at them, but never abuses her power. Hera, the second oldest, has grown up with Bajnok and trusts him. She is Nemi’s daugther, and is just kind. She has, however, had a few very bad experiences with dogs, but the owners have worked through them, and she has made enormous progress in the last year. She can now be off leash again with new dogs, but she still has some issues. Frøya (Froeya/Froya for the countries that don’t have Ø, which would be most), is Hera’s daughter. She is just a wonderful young girl. About 2 years old, and a joy to be around.

We started the meeting with a little sniff on leash, before we quickly moved towards the enclousure where we could let the dogs off lead. I walked with Bajnok and Eso behind Ida and Malin with the three girls. Eso wasn’t very keen to greet them at once, a bit much with three dogs at once, two of which were barking to get to me, but his tail was up. As we were walking behind them, his courage improved, and he kept trying to look at them without them noticing. When we got into the enclousure, there was nobody else there, so both boys were stripped and unleashed. The dogs got on very well. Eso was a little uneasy when he first got in there with three new loose dogs, but he was very good though. No hiding, no running away. He had a relaxed body language, came by me a couple of times and was left alone by the other dogs. It was very hot, so the activity level died down rather quickly. Eso and Bajnok soon sat down in the shade, and we decided to take the rest of the walk in the water.

When we got there I put the 15 meter line on Bajnok. Because he loves to swim, and he can be a bit of a bully when he gets wet and excited. So I kept the line on so I could work with him. Got a lot of good work done! All in all an excellent play time!

Add on: I realised after I’d gone to bed last night that I had written very little on what Eso had been doing during the water play. The reason for this is that he had been getting on so well we the other dogs, that I barely noticed him. There wasn’t much play bows and that sort of play, but they enjoyed the water and the dummy together, Eso was very much a part of it. Pictures speak louder than words. Check out the photo link!

We parted ways and I sent off for my driver (hehe). On our way back Eso calmed down a lot better in the car, and when we got home, he didn’t seem car sick at all!

Most of the pictures were taken by Ida (@IdaNera) today, (I gave her my camera, and she clicked away) and the rest of them can be found by following this link. It’s worth it. Really.


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  1. kenzohw / Jul 8 2011 07:48

    Another successful meeting with Eso and other dogs! We are cheering for you 🙂
    Love that picture where he comes up to the dog that is lying down with the apport.

    • Julie / Jul 8 2011 12:22

      Yes, I am very happy with how it went! Thank you for all your support through this! 😀

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