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07/07/2011 / Julie

Eso day 10 – A great day at the beach

Wonderful day today. Around 2 pm, we left for the beach in the hope that there would be people and dogs there. We walked through a small forest on our way down, where I let Eso off the leash. He never ran far a head, but his recall was quite terrible. He came towards me, then decide that there was other things to do. I did get him back, he never bolted, like many dogs of that age can.

When we exited the forest we met a man that said “Is it a wolf, or a bear” when he saw Bajnok and Eso. It is a bit strange to have dogs that look so much like forest creatures.

Eventually we got to the beach, and there were nobody else there. Well, ok, we’ll just enjoy ourselves then. And so we did. They both had a long line hanging behind them. I usually hate having anything on dogs that are loose together and will take off the tightest of collars, however these guys don’t play close together or very often, and I was paying very close attention to every moment of the game. Most of it was Bajnok running into the water after the dummy and Eso left on land. If I am in a place where I know I won’t meet anyone, then both dogs will be completely naked, as it were.

After a lot of play, Bajnok suddenly gave off an alert bark, which set off Eso. This made Bajnok keep going. Acting on instinct I tried to get Eso to quiet down, as he was the loudest and most intense, when my brain got hooked back in, I realised that Bajnok was the problem.

I told Bajnok to get in a down, and pretty soon Eso stopped as well. The reason for their little explosion was three boys that came walking towards the water. As soon as the dogs were calmed down, the boys came over and asked if they could say hi. I resisted my urge to say no, entagled in two very long dog leashes, and said “just a sec”, instead. They eventually came over, and Eso surprised me by actually pulling towards them, wagging his tail in that slow, welcoming way and thrusting his head in the hands of one of the boys. When the boys tried to pet him, he backed off a bit. I gave the boys some treats to give to Eso and Bajnok, and Eso followed Bajnok’s lead and sat down not a foot away from the boy who held the treats, and stared at his hands. It was wonderful to see him this at ease with the boys. When he came to me, he was pulling away from everyone he met. This is just awesome!

The boys soon left and we got back to our playing in the water. We didn’t stay for long, before we went for the city center. When we left, we stopped by the trash cans that had been stocked up in one corner. Why? nobody knows. Eso managed to walk around the trash can and pull it over. As it fell he jumped backwards. It made a terrible noise as it fell. As soon as it had fallen, Eso walked over, sniffed it, and shook it off. Again, wow! I was amazed at how quickly it went. I praised and cuddled him, took the picture on the left, and walked to the city.

As we walked I suddenly heard a rumbling, thundering sound. Eso started at the sound, and looked straight to Bajnok. Bajnok had also jerked at the noise, both me and him thought it was thunder at once, but we decided it wasn’t. Eso was all the time looking at Bajnok, and as soon as Bajnok decided that it wasn’t thunder and walked on, Eso did the same. I am so glad it wasn’t thunder.

Are you wondering what it looks like in the city that I have talked about? My local town? Here it comes. It is very new. A lot of remodeling this year because the town got its city status. Hold your cursor over each picture to see which way it depicts.

We sat down in the middle of these two photos. Just watched people. Both dogs calmed down pretty much immediately. There was a dog that came walking up the street that comes up by “Zaraz” (we don’t use the apostrophe as much as you do, (i.e. the English speaking)). This is a distance at which Eso would have reacted in some way. Usually by standing up, panting and basically getting stressed. Today he just looked at the dog, and of course was rewarded for this.

We walked past Blue Corner (the dining place) and walked in the road that goes behind the girl selling strawberries in the white tent. On the other side is the big parking lot. We walked calmly across the lot, no flinching or anything from either dog. We walked back in by the orangy looking wall in the bottom picture, and straight down the street on our way home.

Stopped by the store again, and tied the dogs in the place I wouldn’t have found if Eso hadn’t come to visit. The spot is behind the store, and it doesn’t seem like any other dog owner knows of this place. Only draw back is that occasionally there might be delivery vans back there.

I went in to shop, and when I came back out, this is what met me. They were calm and relaxed.

We walked home. After a while, they got fed and Bajnok went to sleep. Eso on the other hand.. I am pretty sure he has gone back to puppy hood. Just without the accidents. He has moments were he crashes, then he jumpes about getting into trouble. He also, despite a lot of toys, has a bit of a fascination with shoes. I’m trying to wean him off them, but it isn’t easy. The best way to calm him down was just to lock him in one small room with me. It is nice, though. That he dares to jump about, steel things and generally have fun. Though, he needs help to calm properly down.

Lots more photos from today can be seen by pressing here.

Tomorrow it’s off to a fenced in dog park. Hopefully it will go well.


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  1. kenzohw / Jul 7 2011 07:31

    His response to the boys on the beach and the dog in the city center … awesome. What a progress you made in only 10 days! Crossing our paws everything goes well for your visit to the dog park tomorrow, we are a little “weary” of dog parks, as you never know who you will meet and a lot of people act irresponsible especially in dog parks, at least in Denmark. If the dogs are nice, it will be a great experience for Eso again. Cant wait to hear about it.

    • Julie / Jul 7 2011 10:36

      I know. I will be watching him every step of the way. I am a bit apprehensive, but I don’t expect there to be many people there. If there are, we’ll take it very slowly.

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