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06/07/2011 / Julie

Eso day 9 – Visiting the neighbours

Both dogs seemed rather tired today, so no great excursion today. We took one half hour in the forest were they ran around and enjoyed themselves for a while, before it was time for dinner at the neighbours. I put Bajnok in the crate for once, and tried to leave him there. I took Eso with me and left for the door when Bajnok started screaming. I walked back to Bajnok to let him know I was there, and never far away.

I walked to and from the door a couple of time, gave him something to chew on. He has never shown seperation anxiety before, so I was quite surprised when he started to scream. I suppose that since he has been more or less tied to my leg for a month, when I leave with another dog, it’s not that strange..?

As I walked back and forth a few times with varied time, he soon calmed down. Eso and I went over to the neighbours. Eso was off leash and enjoying himself, not really paying attention to where we were going and was almost jumping in the door. But then he saw where he was, and froze. He looked inside, and then walked inside with a little nudge.

Inside he didn’t want to greet them right at once, but they left him alone. We quickly sat down to dinner, and Eso was left to walk around on his own. After dinner he was very calm and had accepted them properly. They cuddled him and stroked him and he asked for more. At this point I could again hear Bajnok, so I went to get him, leaving Eso with the neighbours.

Bajnok was very happy to see and to let out of the crate. The corners of his mouth was very wide, his ears were flat and he was basically stressed. I put a leash on him and took him across. He was happy to be with people.

On the other side I was told that Eso had been very good, and not said a peep. The evening went on, and both dogs were cuddled and stroked.

There is a lot of work being done in our street at the moment, and this includes noise. Eso reacted to this noise not by starting to pace or pant, but by gnawing on their terrace floor, which is weaved wicker. He never got far on the gnawing before I called him over, but when I recognised the reason for his gnawing, I instead sat on the floor and gave him a proper cuddle. It seemed to work.

At one point though, he did go down stairs and get a shoe. Luckily no damage to the shoe. Naughty boy.

We went for one short little 15 min walk when we got back, and now the dogs are exhausted. Exhausted might be a bit of an over statement.. On Thursday I’m planning to go to the one place nearby where it is legal to let your dog off leash at this time of year. Hopefully there will be other nice dogs there.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I don’t really know what to do. Maybe another trip downtown, though not many people willing to greet. Maybe a trip to my old school, though I think everyone’s on vacation in July. Maybe I’ll meet some nice people on the beach. Yeah, we’ll try that. If not, the city’s not too far away.


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