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30/06/2011 / Julie

Eso day 4 – Traffic’s a bitch

We spent a slow day outside in the backyard. It turned out to be quite an array of sounds and people to train on back there. Eso is easy to counter condition, though it needs to be done several times. The next time he is exposed to the same person it takes less time, but he needs to go through the process again. Which is quite natural.. If he gets to meet the person closely, it is OK. He likes people, he’s curious about people, however people at a distance are scary.

The plan today was to visit the neighbours and their flat coated. They were unfortunantly not at home, so instead we started the day with a walk in the woods. Eso really enjoyed himself. The whole dog gave off a completely relaxed body language. Spent about half an hour up there. Came home and made dinner, and fed the dogs.

Later I took the dogs down to the store. Decided that since the dog thing fell through, we could spend some time outside the store with the traffic and the people. On the way there we stopped by the Wall. Today Eso jumped up without Bajnok’s help, and he walked all the way across. At the end he almost jumped down, but I managed to persuade him to stay with some treats. I also got him to walk down and not jump.

We had about 500 metres of walking next to the road. The first part went all right. We met three guys on roller skis that were extremely interesting. There were also a whole lot of traffic. He wasn’t to bothered with normal cars, but when they started making a bit above average noise, he cowered a bit and walked on the other side of the sidewalk.

At the store I tied them in the corner and went in to shop. I got back out and took them both to the parking lot and sat down and watched the cars. After a while I gave them a break because I needed to buy more treats. We spent a little more time outside in the parking lot, and moved the long way home past the training center where they were exercising outside on the other side of the road. There was a lot of noise and a movement, with traffic in-between. Eso handled it very well. A few treats  and he calmed down. He soon sat down, and with the occasional treat he almost lied down. The cars passing by kept him from lying down, though. After about 10 minutes we walked on home. On our way home we met some nice people that knew about the Bergamasco so Eso met some new people to cuddle with. He was curious and kind, and he let himself be cuddled with.

The rest of the way home Eso moved with a very light step and tail and head held high. It really is progress all ready! On the other hand, Eso really needs to learn some commands. He knowns “come”, “Eso” and barely “sit”. Time to break out the clicker properly.

Here’s a photo of Bajnok and Eso from our walk yesterday.


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