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30/06/2011 / Julie

Eso day 3 – An all in all very eventful day

The day started slow. When we got up around 11 after snoozing for a while, I made myself a little breakfast and started the day with a little Gaiman. The dogs were very relaxed and took it upon themselves to snooze a little more outside.

Later my brother made himself known. My brother is 7 years older than me, he is allergic to dogs, but he loves dogs. Which is very convenient. He is used to a “rough and tumble” approach with dogs. He is gentle and dogs love him, but this approach would not help with Eso. When I saw my brother approach him they way that he approaches Romeo or Bajnok, I told him that Eso wouldn’t like that, and that he would be scared of him. My brother was a good boy and listened. He went down on his knees and greeted Eso much calmer, and with treats I gave him to give Eso. Eso soon accepted him.

Sometimes my brother can be quite all right.

After my brother left for his jog (his name’s Ole, for those of you who wish to try and pronounce it), I packed a bag and we left for our walk. It was very hot today so I decided to go down to Mjøsa (Norway’s biggest lake). On our way there we would meet many different and new experiences. Our first obstacle was crossing the road. Eso was trying to go the other way, but soon followed. We then walked across a field and down to my old elementary school. There we encountered something I hadn’t anticipated. Though schools in Norway are on holiday from mid June until mid August, the after school program are still there for June and August when the parents are working, and so we met a bunch of kids. Luckily Bajnok is used to kids, and he has a more appealing look than Eso, so he took most of the attention while Eso sought comfort with me, and regarded the situation from a distance.

The kids were wonderful. About 7-9 years old. They stood at a distance first, admiring the dogs. When Bajnok took contact, they started to pet him. They asked if he knew any tricks, and if they could ask him to do any. They were completely calm the entire time, asked intelligent questions and didn’t force their way on to Eso. For him this was a wonderful exercise. Towards the end he was initiating contact with the kids, and they were allowed to give him some treats and pet him softly on the head. All in all, wonderful! Left there uplifted, and feeling good.

Next obstacle was a kids slide with a dark, closed tunnel leading in. The very first round I had to crawl through the tunnel to get him through it. I really didn’t mean for him to go down the slide, but when both Bajnok and I went down, he followed. And lots of treats he got. Second time around, Bajnok went first, Eso behind. And down the slide they both went. And again. The fourth time I decided to tie up Bajnok and send Eso alone. It was a bit hard getting him to stay on the other side, since he doesn’t know the command properly, but a hand in the face does a lot. However he didn’t stay. He turned around and went down the slide.

After this we went to the beach. We met no one there, but I discovered that he really loves water. He doesn’t swim, but he wades and plays, and has fun. And Bajnok almost doesn’t bark when he’s with him. He does off leash, but usually whenever Bajnok’s excited, he barks. But I almost didn’t hear him today. I wonder why. Oh, well.

After a relaxing time at the beach it was time to head home. I took a long route home, and we ended up walking along a road before ending up on another beach to cool down, before really heading home. At the beach a dog passed us by. Bajnok didn’t take much notice of it, but Eso started to growl and moving towards me. I talked to him calmly and praised him, and it didn’t escalate. Later we passed another dog. This time Eso stopped dead in his tracks and again pushed himself on me, and growled at the other dog.

We walked on to the skop and I tied them up in a corner away from the entrance. Made sure he wouldn’t scream the moment I disappeared, and went in for a quick shopping round. Remembered food, forgot doggie-bags. The community ain’t gonna like me for that one… Got the dogs and walked on home.

We went to the metal staircase we visited yesterday. Today Eso went straight for them, even stopped mid ways. The wall was another matter. Spent a while getting him on it, however when he was on it. He ran like never before. Tail up, head up. A joy.

At home he again met my brother. This time a bit more tentative. My brother was on the phone when Eso came to say hi. As my brother says, I don’t see Eso going into defence or barking when it comes to people. He is curious and sweet. He would much rather back off as much as possible, just have to give him the possibilty, or rather not make him feel the necessity.

Late at night I took a trip over to my neighbours with Eso. I asked if they would be willing to help me socialize him.We spent a good 20 minutes talking and cuddling with Eso. They were introduced with a treat, but after that there were no treats, except from me. He did react to their TV. Their TV is at ground level and there was a very big person on it, and they were moving about. We were allowed to examine it, and then it was forgotten. At the end of the 20 min or so we spent there, he was asking them for more cuddling and scratching.

I am much happier about his movement pattern today. It was much freer and looser. He trotted and there was less goose waddle. All in all a very successfull day!

Tomorrow I am planning to find some kind dogs he can meet. There are very few of them close by. All I’ve got to choose from in my street are two bitchy Border Collies, one hellish Tibetan Spaniel, one oversexed Labrador and one lovely, but a bit overexcitable, flat coated. I’ll ask the flat coated’s owners tomorrow. See if we can arrange a meeting. Wonder what will be the best approach. On leash? Off lesh? neutral ground? their garden? Should I tire the flat coat out first?


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  1. Cry and Howl / Jun 30 2011 01:24

    I don’t mean to intrude on your blog, but I love your ‘adventure’ with your beast! Just to share a little something …

    • Julie / Jun 30 2011 01:38

      What a sweet little film! Adorable!

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