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28/06/2011 / Julie

Bajnok’s fear – Eso’s fear

When I got Bajnok, he was 9 weeks and a happy, normal puppy. He never loved people, but it wasn’t so bad that I saw it as a problem. As he got older, his fears got worse. He could in some instances growl at people and it took a lot of time for him to accept new ones. Today he ignores people until they contact him, however then he loves them. He has become a people loving dog, and a lot of this has not been work with people. It has come from building his confidence through accomplishment. I have since he was very young let him, and sometimes made him, climb on rocks, fallen trees, walls and everything high and scary. He has rarely gotten treats for this, however he has gotten praise, and he loves it! His biggest reward is when he is allowed to jump on to me from a height.

Eso is different. Eso is a year and a half. He has experienced few different environments and people. I have met him before, and he didn’t want to say hi. He is now going to spend two weeks with me. Our first night is so far going pain free. But we’ll see when we go to bed. When he got here today, he was very stressed. Ha was panting and pacing, didn’t drink and wouldn’t eat. Even with meat and yummy sour milk(basically milk gone off) in the food. We went for a walk, all three of us. He leaned on Bajnok for much of the walk, and he stopped for every sound. He had his moments though, were the tail was up and he seemed quite inquisitive. One thing that was constant throughout the whole walk was that he was curious. This I like. This makes him easier to train.

After the walk, he was still panting, but he managed to lie down, and after a while he slept. At the moment he is again walking around, but he is not pacing. He seems to be exploring more than anything.

Bajnok’s been very good with him, apart from the herding/bullying he did when they were off leash on the walk. Eso growled at Bajnok, and Bajnok recognized this for what it was and reacted to Eso by looking away, putting his ears back and generally being calm and non threatning. Right now both pooches are sleeping. Hopefully Eso’ll eat tomorrow, and all will be right with the world. At least all will be straight for our training.

Here’s Bajnok on his “advanced” self confidence building course :


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