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24/04/2011 / Julie


Well, hello. My name is Julie, and this is my blog. I live in Norway, and I am a minor league nerd, geek or whatever you want to call it, and a major league dog fancier. I spend much of my time with my dog or on my computer.

My dogs, Romeo and Bajnok, are the most important parts of my life, they mean the world to me. They have taught me plenty about people, more than people would like to know. Most of my time is spent contemplating my dogs, and even though they are “only dog”, they are quite spectacular.

This blog will be writings of the things I think about and would like to write down. It may contain factual errors, and the “factual errors” may only be my view of the world. When I walk my dog, walk home from school or just sit around with friends, I think about things. I mull things over in my mind several times during a day, and I have wondered about putting things to paper and here it is. Well, to screen. In this blog I will be writing about the this that bother me, and tickles my fancy. You can probably expect a few dog related topics, Doctor Who (old and new), other sci-fi shows as I discover them, and maybe plenty of other things. I have become a great fan of British telly, especially their panel shows, so there might be some of that popping up.

Well.. Anything else..? Oh yeah! I’m on twitter under the name Timandahaf (My nick is a reference for those of you who who know your comics).

Bye then…


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  1. SandySays1 / Apr 24 2011 23:53

    WElcome to the blog-o-sphere! You’ll do fine!
    PS – my human loves Oslo! and Norweigens

    • Julie / Apr 29 2011 02:39

      Thank you for a warm welcome! Love your site!


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